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FRP Bypass Apk 2018 Latest Version Free Download [100% Working]

Google is the world’s largest search engine and the first choice of every person for all purposes including entertainment education seeking information and others. In the previous Google update, it upgraded the FRP – Factory reset protection to lock your device when you got an accident or lost it, unfortunately. It’s a great feature indeed but what if you need to Bypass this update and wanted to use the mobile phone again. No problem you just need to Download FRP Bypass APK 2018 free latest version for your android mobile of any brand.

FRP Bypass APK which is also known FRP Bypass APK is the modern way used to easy Bypass google factory reset protection. FRP Bypass APK is to get you out from the situation when you forget your google account password after factory reset. With this guide to use FRP google Bypass APK and .apk file to install on your device you will be able to forget all your problems related to the issue stated many users are facing this kind of problem through which their smartphone or other devices almost become dead or only hardware unit. In the following section of this FRP Bypass APK website, detailed stuff is shred for the downloading and installing of FRP Bypass APK.


FRP Bypass Apk 2018 Latest Version Free Download [100% Working]


What is Google FRP & for what FRP Bypass APK is used?

Google Factory Rest protection is the new update for android phones. FRP is a kind of patch developed by the google to secure user data in case you lost your device. This is the most useful application featuring the safety and integrity of users. The FRP Bypass tool becomes the most trusted and easy way to make your device usable again if you forget your google account password while factory reset.

For the first time, FRP feature was introduced for the Samsung, LG and many other best brands like them. We are not denying from its benefits but it causes some serious trouble when you forget you google password without that you could not be allowed to log in to a device. To solve this problem FRP Bypass APK was introduced for the reason to Bypass this google security check. There are two ways to get your device function one is using FRP Bypass APK with OTG and the other is FRP Bypass APK without OTG.

Fastunlocker FRP Bypass APK free download latest version 2018

Best tool to Bypass Factory Reset Protection

When it’s about to Bypass google factory reset protection the FRP Bypass APK is the best-recommended application. With FRP Bypass APK you can easily Bypass google verification for most of the latest mobiles like Samsung, HTC, LG, Oppo and others.



The above buttons contain the FRP Bypass.apk file for free. With a single click, you can have FRP Bypass APK in your device without any subscription or account signup. This fast unlocking application will get you out if you are struggling to Bypass Google verification. Once you successfully downloaded the FRP Bypass APK then go to below mention guide for using FRP Bypass APK.

There are many other google corroboration Bypass apps which uses different ways to get back you device. Some of the methods works and some did not work for your smart phone, but here we only had shared the best working methods to Bypass FRP.

The android system is the best commonly used system in the word for all mobile devices and others. Some laptops are also integrated to run android apps without requiring any other emulatoror supporting tool. So give FRP Bypass a try and break the google factory reset protection for your android mobile.

FRP Bypass APK 2018latest version for free:

Some of the generic information about FRP Bypass APK you should once gone through it given below. After this, you will definitely download the latest version of FRP Bypass APK to easy unlock an android device.

NameFRP Bypass APK
File Size1.2 MB
Latest version 2.0

How to use FRP Bypass Apkrootjunky

Let’s talk and move to complete guide to elaborate how to use FRP Bypass APK on android devices. This is the most popular and easy famous wat to b pass google FRP verification using FRP Bypass APK. You need some basic tools which often come with the mobile phone and every home has them.

Things you are going to need for the purpose of Bypassing google FRP verification using FRP Bypass APK latest version are:

  • OTG cable
  • USB stick
  • FRP Bypass app
  • A stable Wi-Fi connection


Now restart you mobile phone and select English as your native language and skip the sim insertin option.


  • Now again connect with the internet
  • Skip the user agreement and by clicking on I understand and agree to the terms and conditions above
  • Click on no thanks and move next
  • The mobile will take you to the FRP verification page. You will see a message which is auto generated by FRP lock. The message will be, This device was reset. To continue, sign in with a Google Account that was previously synced on this device.
  • This the stage when you will use OTG cable and USB stick.
  • Connect the USB stick in your computer and connect you mobile phone using OTG.
  • Download FRP Bypass APK and place it into a USB device. this should be done before a connection device with your mobile.
  • In the file manager, you will see Bypass Samsung account lock folder. Tap on it.
  • You will see two files with one is Guide.text which contains the guidelines and information to use FRP Bypass APK, the second is the Bypass any mobile account lock .apk
  • Tap on the second file to unlock FRP lock using FRP Bypass APK.
  • If the installation blocked message appears, then go to the setting and enable unknown sources, this will allow you to install apps in mobile which are other than Play Store. As FRP Bypass APK is not available n google Play store and you have to download it from this blog for free.
  • After that, the FRP Bypass APK will be installed on your mobile taking few seconds.
  • After that, you can access the phone menu setting easily.
  • Now again go to menu bar are a search for the back and rest.
  • Now choose to Erase everything form Factory data reset and this will place your computer to the initial position while it was manufactured.
  • It’s done after removing everything system will restart and you will not be blocked by prompt message to give credential of your google account.


What if your phone does not have google keyboard using zteFRP Bypass APK

If you face the issue as stated above no need to worry just use the simple method described above you will unlock your phone using application and cable to connect. This occurs because of some custom user interface which is installed by the manufacturer of a device.

Many people reported that long press is also not working under some condition for that just press that @ symbol for a bit longer time or put more pressure while pressing it.

Downgrade Android Version to Remove FRP Lock

In some cases, the FRP Bypass APK did not work for selected smart phones. This could of many reasons. Our developer’s team is working hard to give patch which would be standard for all phones. For now, we are telling about the downgrade of your current android version. As we know google FRP update was embedded in its android lollipop version. So when you downgrade your system to the previous version the system supportability for FRP will be eliminated and you will quickly bypass FRP verification. I have personally tested by downgrading the android version to the previous one and finds charming results to Bypass FRP lock.

Disabling FRP on android

To disable Factory reset protection on your android phone you just need to follow few steps and check some option you see in your setting menu. When you purchase a smartphone in its default settings the FRP is automatically enabled when you add your personal Google account to access Google services on your mobile. To disable FRP on your android just do the followings.

  • Go to your setting than account setting
  • Google and choose your account which is added by you
  • Now tap on the right corner icon and you will see a menu
  • Manu has 3 option and one of it is Remove account

Remove your account and this will remove the FRP lock from your device. Now your phone is operation and you can use it with or without adding your new account for with you exactly know the username and password.

FRP Bypass APK Samsung download

Samsung is the most used and is highly liked smartphones the world. Samsung has already introduced its top-ranked and high performing Android phones that are matchless in the market. Many of us used to buy used and second-hand phone especially the people with low budget. For that FRP Bypass, APK is the real-time helping app.



Step by step guide of FRP Bypass Apk for Samsung Phones

Wait after resting the Samsung mobile and select your language to communicate with the device. After that turn in your Wi-Fi and connect to the available network.

  • Connect to Wi-Fi preferably the home internet connection
  • The next screen will give you a notification asking for your google account
  • Top in the field where you write the account details, on that a keyboard will appear
  • Now tap and hold “@” character until a new menu popup appear on the screen
  • Select keyboard setting or tap icon on the right corner of the screen (top on 2 dots)
  • Now selection the help & feedback, a list will open
  • Select an option from the list and it will lead you to new window interface
  • Select using Google keyboard from the Help section
  • Long press to select text in this age and open Websearch from the top right corner
  • When the search bar is open now delete the previously written text and type Settings in this field
  • In web search results scroll down until you find About Phone option there
  • Locate Built Number in a menu
  • Tap 7 times to enter in developers a mood some advance option for developers
  • Return back and allow OEM unlocking and then return back to steps more
  • Almost done, now restart the device and connect with internet again
  • You will notice that the previous Google account did not prompt for this time and device did not as to add a new account
  • But it is wise to approach to add a new account and your mobile phone is ready to use

Final verdicts for FRP Bypass APK

We have seen how easy and successfully we can unlock our phone for free using FRP Bypass APK and this guiding blog. No matter, either it is Samsung, LG, HTC OPPO or any other popular brand in the world you just need to these instructions and can easily breach google security or verification wall.

There could be many methods to unblock the google verification but people only choose which best suits an work in and excellent way. To cut the long story short I will end by strongly recommended you FRP Bypass APK if you want to unlock you android phone for free as this is the only best FRP Bypass app for free.

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